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  • Information governance and IT access
  • Young Carers Awareness Day
  • Enhancing RE Conference
  • Sister Schools Programme
  • Accent Music Education Hub


Information governance and IT access

Applies to-All Schools 

Dear Headteacher

I refer to my recent email provided on the E-Circular concerning information governance and IT access considerations in respect of departing school employees – collectively referred to as a “Leaver”.

I have been asked by schools what should be applied to word / excel etc. documents held by the school in respect of staff who have left the school or who will leave in the future.

This sets out what should happen before the Leaver leaves the school.

All Leavers  should discuss with the Headteacher the arrangements they have made for the information handover.

The Headteacher and Leavers should ensure that any relevant information and/or documents held in the Leaver’s folder(s) are transferred to other record systems prior to leaving. This helps to retain organisational knowledge and history of decision making.

Information handover arrangements should include some or all of the following:

  • Ensuring storage of information in the relevant (and specified) areas of the school’s  managed storage facilities. This includes any shared network drives.
  • Changing passwords on folders containing confidential and sensitive information.Documents  should not be copied and kept as personal property. This principle applies to all school employees.

In advance of their last day the Headteacher should ensure that the Leaver has complied with the above guidance.

Once the Leaver is no longer employed by the school, their access to school data and systems should be disabled immediately.  Information relating to access to SIMS/FMS is detailed below.  The school folders/files should then be deleted three months after the employee has left.’ For the schools that are supported by Halton Borough Council through ICT Curriculum SLA, this process will be undertaken by the Schools ICT Support Team as part of the SLA. Schools not supported by the ICT Curriculum SLA will need to contact their ICT provider. The Headteacher is responsible for informing the Schools Account Manager or ICT provider, that a member of staff is no longer employed at the school.

Any SIMS/FMS logins assigned to the Leaver must be deactivated in SIMS System Manager as soon as the member of staff has left.

Any SIMS/FMS Remote Access accounts assigned to the Leaver must be disabled.  Please advise the SIMS Team of the account details and this will be completed by them.

Many thanks  Peter Richmond



Young Carers Awareness Day

Applies to-All Schools 

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached a flyer for Young Carers Awareness Day – Thursday, 31st January 2019


Sister Schools Programme

Applies to-All Headteachers and Principals


Accelerate is free-of-charge programme designed for teachers in the first five years of their career. It is aimed principally at schools identified by the Department for Education as opportunity and priority areas which includes Halton. Schools that are Ofsted graded 3 and 4 are being particularly targeted.

The programme is fully funded by the Department for Education’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund and will be run by Education Development Trust in collaboration with the Chartered College of Teaching. It has been specifically designed to help improve pupil attainment and keep talented teachers within the profession.

Key benefits for schools include:

  • Improved pupil attainment: Accelerate provides early career teachers with the essential specialist support required to rapidly improve their practice to improve outcomes for learners; helping them to quickly become more effective and efficient in the classroom
  • Improved teacher retention: Skills development around managing workload, assessment and feedback, managing behaviour, resources and planning, supporting students with SEND and cognitive science
  • A flexible learning approach: Accelerate has been designed with the demands of a teaching timetable and the needs of the school in mind.

The formal programme will begin in the early part of the spring term 2019.  Enrolment is already well underway, but as places are limited, we are keen to spread the message to schools in your area and to encourage them to register for the programme as soon as possible.  We would therefore be delighted if you were able to promote the programme during your conversations with school leaders, and via your website, social media platforms and newsletters.

  • Just heard about @AccelerateTeach which is open to teachers in Halton. It’s a free of charge development programme, which aims to encourage teacher retention and drive pupil attainment. Sign up today:
  • .@AccelerateTeach is a new programme specifically designed for #teachers in the first five years of their careers. It’s free of charge and is open to teachers in Halton. Find out more and sign up here:
  • If you live or work in Halton and are in the first five years of your teaching career, take a look at @AccelerateTeach  – a brand new, free, evidence-based training programme. Find out more here:

2 All Headteachers and Principals. Sister Schools Programme

Please find attached a flyer providing information about twinning your school with a school in China. This is a fantastic opportunity for schools, students and communities to

become globally connected, to benefit as individuals and networks, and to achieve short and long-term goals through structured and supported partnerships. Further information can be sought from Amanda Williams +44 (0)7828 229532, Unit 112 Century Buildings, Brunswick Business Park, Tower Road, Liverpool, L3 4BJ UK



Enhancing RE Conference

FAO Primary Headteachers, Religious education Coordinators and teachers of RE.

click here for more deatils

 ‘Enhancing RE the best way – Visits and Visitors’ is a free one day conference, generously funded by Culham St Gabriel. It will be held on March 27th at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The flyer provides further details of the day and visits that will be made to local places of worship, as well as developing effective teaching and learning strategies to make the most of visitors to your school.

I do hope you will be able to attend the day and benfit from this excellent opportuntiy to further enhanve the use of visitis and visitors within your schhool.


Accent Music Education Hub

Applies to-All Schools 

Please see link below, Free BBC Philharmonic Schools’ Concerts