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Please note:   The Local Authority has not undertaken any quality assurance checks on items relating to goods, services and training events submitted by external organisations in this section.

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  • Citizens Advice Halton
  • Property Related Critical Incidents
  • Ministry of science coming to the Brindley
  • Outbreaks or cases of infectious diseases
  • Schools Funding Bulletin – February 2019
  • Beep Beep! Days
  • Accent Music Education Hub



Citizens Advise Halton

Applies to-All Schools 

For a limited time the Citizens Advice Halton (CAB) are offering a limited number of Financial Capability sessions to high school students to help them gain an understanding of money and help to improve skills with budgeting and savvy shopping.  These sessions can be tailored following discussions with individual schools.  Any school wishing to find out more about CAB services please email:

The CAB can provide the following additional support to parents with money problems and struggling to keep on top of their bills:

  • Debt and money advice: helping parents to negotiate reduced and more affordable debt repayments.
  • Financial capability and budgeting support: helping parents improve their self-esteem and confidence by learning new skills to better manage their household income, learning to safely shop online, employability support e.g. getting an up-to-date CV, confidence building courses.

Citizens Advice also has an in-house training programme for anyone wanting to become a volunteer adviser. Parents can access the Citizens Advice service directly by visiting  for contact details and opening times.


Property Related Critical Incidents

Applies to-All Schools 

Contact Information – Property Related Critical Incidents

 Please find attached the updated contact sheet for Property Related Critical Incidents


Ministry of science coming to the Brindley

Applies to-All Schools 


WARNING! WARNING! 100% Educational. 200% Entertaining. 300% Explosive. 400% Fun. This is not your ordinary science show – it comes with a bang. It comes with a whoosh. But most of all is comes with a hovercraft built on stage! This amazing new production takes an anarchic approach to science. Join the super talented presenters, using brilliantly designed demonstrations. For more information see:

Schools – We have information for teachers such as Teachers Notes, Lesson Plan etc. For tickets and information please contact the box office on 0151 907 8360 or e mail:


Outbreaks or cases of infectious diseases

Applies to-All Schools 

A quick reminder of what to do if you have outbreaks or cases of infectious diseases in Schools and settings.

If there is an outbreak of an infectious disease, such as  diarrhoea and vomiting or influenza, in your setting, or a confirmed single case of a serious disease, such as Meningitis,

Please call Public Health England’s, Cheshire and Merseyside, Health protection team on: 0344 225 0562, option 1.

They will assist you in deciding if any actions are required, and are responsible for coordinating the local response to infectious diseases.

 n.b. An outbreak in a school setting would be defined as 2 or more linked cases (for example two children from the same class) A confirmed case is when the condition has been diagnosed by a doctor.


Schools Funding Bulletin – February 2019

 Applies to-All Schools 

If you have a project or an idea that you require advice and funding assistance with, please fill out an Enquiry Form.

Schools Bulletin – February 2019

Funding Bulletins Home Page

Beep Beep! Days

This year, we have a Kids Walk on Wednesday 26 June and 3 Beep Beep! Days on:

  • Wednesday 20 March
  • Wednesday 17 July
  • Wednesday 20 November

see attached for more information


Accent Music Education Hub

Applies to-All Schools 

Please click on the link for more information  ttp://