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  • Halton Trial of School Bus Tracking App

  • Fit 4 Life App Launch

  • Healthy Schools news

  • Arnold Clark Foundation (Spotlight funding)

  • ADDvanced Solutions

  • Resources to support the implementation of the EYFS Reforms

  • Children and young peoples MH training

  • World Reimagined




Halton Trial of School Bus Tracking App


DriverNet, a local transport tech company, have successfully launched its schools bus tracking app with routes to colleges across St Helens and Liverpool as part of a Merseytravel project in recent weeks.

I have attached a document outlining the system as well as some feedback from the students, parents and staff who have used the system. Its main features and benefits are outlined below,

Safeguarding & Convenience

  • Convenient – Real time tracking of buses locations for passengers, parents and guardians and staff
  • Safety – Pupils and students can minimise the time they need to stand waiting at bus stops or in inclement weather or non daylight hours.
  • Safety – Late updates and service failure notifications enable passengers or parents to arrange alternative transport in advance.

Fleet operators

  • Ease of useThe system tracks GPS of a drivers smartphone to provide journey updates, with zero in app interaction required during the journey.
  • Customer ExperienceProvides passenger & parents with best in class experience
  • Paperless System – A digital platform to manage pre trip safety checks, navigation, duty cards, navigation, messaging, driver rota’s and more.

Curricular benefits & improved communications

  • Proactive system minimises impact on learning time, disciplinary etc in event of delays and failures
  • Schools receive less inbound calls as the status of the bus is known
  • Schools / College can easily track real time status of all their routes in one shared management portal removing need for outbound calls with operators

We would like to give you a 30 minute presentation from DriverNet of the system, and the steps required to participate in a Halton wide trial starting in the coming weeks.

Send separate invite link




Fit 4 Life App Launch


I am delighted to share with you the latest news about Fit 4 Life from Halton Health Improvement Team.

Families can now access the 12-week Fit 4 Life family lifestyle programme via an interactive app.

This app is aimed at families with children aged 4-13 years, who are concerned about weight gain and/or would like to make healthy changes.

Families will receive content at regular intervals; including topics such as portion sizes, food labelling, fussy eating, mood and food, sleep, screens, sugar, mindfulness, getting active, weekly recipes, and much more!

The app is for parents/carers (rather than the child themselves), but the content can be viewed by the whole family. The parent/carer will be assigned a lifestyle coach to support them through the programme, who will be available to chat via instant messaging within the app.

The flyer can be found online, here :

Families can self-refer for a sign up appointment, or you can refer a family via the

Fit 4 Life referral form (all referral details are on the flyer) If you have any questions, please get in touch. Likewise, if you would like me to attend your team meeting to tell your team more about the app and give you a demo, just let me know.



Healthy Schools news


See attached Healthy school newsletter October 2021




Arnold Clark Foundation (Spotlight funding)


The Spotlight Funding this time is the Arnold Clark Foundation offers grants of up to £1,000 to support local communities during the winter months.

If you have a project or an idea that you require advice and funding assistance with, please fill out an Enquiry Form



ADDvanced Solutions


‘Commissioned by Halton NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to support the neurodevelopmental pathway. ADDvanced Solutions Community Network provides parents and carers with learning workshops, learning programmes, information, advice and guidance and open access community network groups. Equipping parents and carers with the skills, knowledge and confidence to better identify and manage the characteristics associated with neurodevelopmental conditions including Autism, ADHD, sensory processing difficulties, specific learning difficulties and associated mental health needs. Our learning opportunities are delivered by our team of professionals from health, social care and education, all who have a genuine insight of these conditions because of their own lived experience. We are open access, pre, during and post diagnosis, no referral necessary, just make contact and we will support you to find the answers. Email: call: 0151 486 1788’




Resources to support the implementation of the EYFS Reforms


Videos on implementing the EYFS reforms

Today the DfE has published a small suite of videos on GOV.UK with direct messages from DfE, Ofsted and early adopter schools on their experiences in delivering the EYFS reforms and how they have changed their approach to delivering the EYFS, including when completing the EYFS Profile assessment. DfE and Ofsted provide a summary of the reforms and the new expectations for early years curriculum and assessment. Then school leaders of early adopter schools share their experiences of the EYFS reforms and how they implemented them in their school, as well as from reception teachers in early adopter schools who share how the reforms have impacted their assessment practices and what was important in their assessments during the early adopter year. View the videos here : Implementing the early years foundation stage reforms – Case study – GOV.UK (


Two blogs have also been published from leaders of early adopter schools discussing their experience of implementing the reforms to the EYFS and how they impacted their practice, as well as sharing key tips based on their experience. The first is from Sarah Charlton, Head of Early Years at Ark Priory Academy in West London and the second, is from Kate Pounder, Early Years Lead at Caldicotes Primary Academy in Thorntree, Middlesborough.

EYFS profile handbook

DfE also published the 2021/22 EYFS Profile handbook today to provide guidance for teachers on assessing children’s development at the end of reception year. As part of the EYFS reforms, DfE has streamlined all guidance on the EYFSP into one document. The Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA) will no longer be published for the EYFSP, with all guidance and information now in the EYFSP Handbook.




Children and young peoples MH training


See attached for more information about  Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Awareness Training, Self-Harm Training, Resilience Framework Workshop.




World Reimagined


A Schools Q&A Event is being held on Tuesday 9th November 2021. That will provide an opportunity for schools to understand more about The World Reimagined project, the overall learning programme and the schools bursary scheme. An exciting and important opportunity for primary and secondary schools within the Liverpool City Region, to support knowledge and understanding of transatlantic slavery is being provided by The World Reimagined. It will enhance learning and the curriculum and provide an opportunity for young people to work with national and internationally renowned artists. Schools taking part in this national project will explore the impact of transatlantic slavery on Britain and its colonies and its legacy on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic local communities in our City Region and beyond. This will lead to the creation of artworks that will be displayed and discussed across the city region.

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority are inviting schools to apply for 12 bursaries for the Globe Programme that will enable one primary school and one secondary school in each of our City Region boroughs to commission a globe sculpture at no cost to them. The World Reimagined will also provide some additional bursaries to support more schools to participate. The deadline to apply for a bursary has now been extended to 31st January 2022.

To find out more information about the Schools Q&A event and to apply for school bursaries see the attached information. For more information about The World Reimagined please see The World Reimagined