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  • Property Services- Utilities Update January 2022

  • The World Reimagined Schools Bursary Scheme – 31st January 2022 deadline

  • How to support refugee and asylum-seeking children

  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) Training

  • The Inter Faith Network for the UK E-bulletin – December 2021

  • Animal Teach

  • Schools Funding Bulletin – January 2022





Property Services- Utilities Update January 2022


Energy Price Rises & Future Purchase Strategy.

Prior to Christmas notification was sent out to schools in respect of the Council’s future energy purchase strategy and the likely prices increases from April 2022. Since then Crown Commercial Service (CCS) who we purchase energy through have provided a further update in respect of the likely energy price increases from April 2022.

Corporate energy supplies, both gas and electric, are purchased via the CCS Framework, Total Gas & Power supplying the gas and EDF supplying the electricity. We are on a fixed rate contract whereby energy costs for the year are fixed prior to 1 April and at present we are protected from any price increases until 1 April 2022.

CCS provide us with a monthly report which includes the anticipated price increases for the year 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. The November report predicted that the electricity prices would be 40% higher and gas prices 128% higher than this year based on the energy costs remaining at the rates in November. Unfortunately prices have gone up further since then and their December report is now predicting electricity prices will be 69% higher and gas prices 209% higher than we are currently paying. This is based on them having purchased 91% of the electricity and 80% of the gas supplies, final increases may vary dependant on the costs of the remaining energy yet to be purchased.

In light of the above we have been reviewing our purchase strategy and we have determined to move to a fixed rate contract with a longer purchase window in order to help reduce the risk of the volatile market negatively impacting on future prices.

CCS are intending to introduce a fixed rate contract in the New Year with a 24 month purchase window as such we intend to move all corporate buildings on to that new arrangement in due course. This will mean that they will begin to purchase the energy from 1 April 2022 for delivery in the year 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025. Our current arrangement takes us up to 31 March 2023 as such we will move on to a 12 month purchase window arrangement for energy delivered from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

So to breakdown the above information:

  • At present if you purchase your energy as part of the HBC contract your contract rates will remain unchanged up to 1 April 2022.
  • For those who purchase your energy as part of the HBC contract already, from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 the anticipated price increases currently are 69% for electricity and 209% for gas. THESE INCREASES ARE BASED ON LATEST DATA FROM CCS IN DECEMBER AND MAY YET CHANGE FURTHER
  • If you wish to continue to be part of the HBC contract you will be entering into a 2 year purchase window, the purchasing for that contract commences on 1 April 2022 and the contract will start 1 April 2024 and run until 31 March 2025. THIS IS A 3 YEAR CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT ONCE YOU ENTER INTO IT AND THIS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE RENEWED ON 1 APRIL EACH YEAR.
  • We will be entering into a 12month purchase window to cover the period 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024, the purchasing for that contract also commences 1 April 2022. THIS IS A 2 YEAR CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT ONCE YOU ENTER INTO IT THAT RUNS PARALELL WITH THE 3 YEAR CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT.

The only negative impact on moving on to the new 2 year purchase window is the notice period you have to give if you wish to opt out, as the buying purchase window will be 24 months, the notice period will be just over 2 years ahead of the first contract finishing.

Any school not wishing to move to the new arrangements needs to inform us by 1st February 2022, otherwise we intend to move you to the new arrangements along with all corporate buildings.

We will be in contact with all schools that purchase their energy via the Corporate contract in the next few weeks to discuss your preferences.

Water supply & Waste Water Contract

Halton’s Corporate buildings will be moving to a new supplier as of 12 January 2022. The new provider will be ‘Wave’ who are the retail arm of Anglian and Northumbrian Water which was formed following deregulation in 2017.  This arrangement does not affect schools and you will remain with Water Plus, however you are now free to procure this service from another provider should you wish to do so.




The World Reimagined Schools Bursary Scheme


Attached is some information about the Schools Bursary scheme for The World Reimagined. The closing date is 31 January.




How to support refugee and asylum-seeking children


How to support refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people who have experienced trauma

A brief summary of some of the traumatic experiences refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people may experience and a curated list of resources that might help you as you provide support. Written by Dr Sarah Davidson, UK Trauma Council member and Head of Psychosocial & Mental Health at British Red Cross.

Read more and access resources

Following requests from schools and colleges, Anna Freud have updated their popular #SelfCareSummer booklets to make them less seasonal so that they can be used throughout the year.

The My self-care plan booklet is aimed at children in primary schools and includes updated activities designed to help them look after their mental health and wellbeing while enjoying themselves.

The Creating a self-care plan booklet is aimed at young people in secondary schools and colleges to help them create their own self-care plan based on Anna Freuds popular self-care webpage which features over 92 strategies which young people have told us they have found helpful.

Both booklets also sign-post children, young people and their families to additional support if they need it.

Download My self-care plan (primary)

Download Creating a self-care plan (secondary)

View our self-care webpages




English as an Additional Language (EAL) Training


Dear Colleagues

Following the delivery last year of EAL Level 1 and Level 2 training for schools’ staff, we are now looking at planning the training programme for 2022/23.  The training provider, MEAS (Minority Ethnic Achievement Service) in Wirral Council, has forwarded a menu of the training programmes available (please see attached).  All training is delivered by MEAS specialists, currently in one-hour twilight virtual sessions (Microsoft teams), and is free of charge.

Could colleagues please indicate on the attached form which programmes would be of interest to their school, so that we can plan this year’s offer to meet the highest training needs in the borough?  Please return the forms to Julie Karmy at by Wednesday 9 February 2022.

For any queries about the training, please contact Julie at or on 0151 511 7323 / 07715 127939.




The Inter Faith Network for the UK E-bulletin – December 2021


The latest issue of the Inter Faith Network for the UK’s e-bulletin is published today:

Among the topics covered are:

  • COVID-19 and faith communities
  • Faith communities, climate change and the environment
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Inter Faith Week
  • The Queen’s Green Canopy
  • Local inter faith anniversaries
  • Reaching out to our neighbours
  • Other inter faith projects and developments
  • Helpful inter faith resources
  • Dates of forthcoming special Weeks and Days



Animal Teach


Hello and Welcome to Animal Teach!  

We are local, exciting educational company providing National Curriculum-linked lessons with a twist. Cosmo the Panther Chameleon, Skittles the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Thomas the Giant African Train Millipede and Milo the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, to name a few, are ready to meet your pupils in a fun-filled, pre-planned lesson.  Lessons adaptable and suitable for KS4 to pre-school pupils.

Please see the attached curriculum information or contact me on /



Schools Funding Bulletin – January 2022


If you have a project or an idea that you require advice and funding assistance with, please fill out an Enquiry Form.

Schools Bulletin – January 2022

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