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  • Halton Schools RSHE Conference

  • Dippy Dinosaur on Tour – A Natural History Adventure

  • In Year Fair Access Protocol

  • Draw your favourite place- a competition from the Halton Fostering Team


Halton Schools RSHE Conference


Applies to-All schools

Halton Healthy Schools partnership will host a FREE RSHE Conference for all Halton Schools on the 28 January 2020 at Halton Stadium, please click on the link for more information.







Dippy Dinosaur on Tour – A Natural History Adventure


Applies to-All schools

Happy new Year to you all.

As you can imagine we are all looking forward to Dippy’s arrival here in Rochdale next month – I just wanted to share with you that the take up from NW schools has been very slow so far and I am a touch concerned that Yorkshire Humber and wider regions who have been quicker off the mark might get in for the best seats as it were, unless your schools take up the booking opportunities available early in the new term.

In total we have from the NW:

1 Blackpool

2 Bolton

1 Bury

3 Lancashire

4 Manchester

10 Oldham

2 Salford

1 Sefton

4 Tameside

2 Wigan

(The numbers represent numbers of schools that have booked from each LA).  I guess there is a chance that because it seems a long time in the future and Dippy will be here for 140 days that there is plenty of time to book.  If schools aren’t interested, we have no problem with that, but I don’t want children or schools in the NW to miss out, or indeed, anyone to complain that they couldn’t book because they left it too late, when we have promoted it widely.

Please find below the latest news release. If schools aren’t sure exactly what is on offer.  We can make more schools-based materials available. All the general info and booking is through





In Year Fair Access Protocol


Applies to –  Primary Schools

Primary Head Teacher colleagues are reminded that, as agreed, the Primary In year Fair Access Protocol commences from the beginning of the Spring 2020 term.  Attached  is the relevant documentation that has been agreed for processing applications under the protocol.  If you have any queries on process regarding the Primary In Year Fair Access Protocol please contact the Admissions Team on 0151 511 7338/0151 511 727.






Draw your favourite place- a competition from the Halton Fostering Team


Applies to: Primary Schools

A chance for primary school pupils to feature in the next Halton fostering posters and win £50, £25 & £10 in vouchers.

The Halton fostering team is launching a competition, hoping to softly engage primary school pupils in an important subject in a creative way.

We’re asking children to draw their favourite place- the winning drawing will be used in a “school friendly” fostering poster in upcoming advertising campaigns.
The competition is open from Monday 13 January 2020 at 09:00 and the closing date for submissions is Friday 14 February 2020 at 17:00.

The Halton fostering team will visit every primary school in Halton to deliver a pack in the next few weeks or you can download everything you need for your pupils, teachers and parents here;


•       Competition entry sheet for pupils (including terms and conditions)    ATTACHMENT


•     Explanation sheet for school staff (including an example lesson plan)   ATTACHMENT


•      Take home sheet for parents)    ATTACHMENT

This activity can be carried out in classrooms, during collective worship, in assemblies, during free time or at home. The Halton Fostering Team is open to come into the school and deliver short sessions if required.

The Halton Fostering Team will return to the school to collect completed competition sheets or entries can be emailed to