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  • Access Initiative Bids 2021/22

  • Premises Proforma

  • Young Victim Support

  • Reminder: Year 11 survey – facilitating access by 28 May 2021

  • Daresbury Talking Science Family Show

  • Funding Bulletins GDPR Update

  • Halton Library service

  • School Recruitment Update – May 2021

  • Holiday Activity Fund Application extension





Access Initiative Bids 2021/22


Applies – to Head teachers of all Halton Community & Voluntary Controlled Nursery, Primary, Special Schools & Children’s Centres.

Status – Action/Response required by Friday 11 June 2021

Schools are invited to bid for capital funding for projects which will improve the physical access to and around the school building.

Please refer to attached letter & bid proforma for further details.




Premises Proforma


General Items – Action

Asset Management Plan – Proformas

For Community schools only

Attached is a proforma for electronic completion. Page one and two relates to any major premises work that has been undertaken in the last financial year (April 2020– March 2021). The subsequent pages are for work that is planned from April 2021 for the next three years.

It is important that you complete and return these forms, as it informs the Authority of what your current premises issues and priorities are. This information may also be used in connection with the allocation of future capital funding.

The deadline for response is Friday 2 July 2021

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0151 511 7291.

Catriona Gallimore – Capital Programme Planner and Data Analyst.




Young Victim Support


For the Attention of Secondary Schools

Got Your Back

Please find some information from Terrianne Quigley,Young Victim Support Worker, Got Your Back

This is a new service in Cheshire for young people 17 and under, who have been a victim of crime, whether this has been reported to the police or not. They are a support service offering 1-1 mentoring, operating with a work with attitude. They are commissioned by the police and crime commissioner for Cheshire, as he has recognised there is a real need to support young victims of crime.

Enclosed is the referral form which would be filled out by yourself.

If you have recently had dealings with any young person who you feel may benefit from the service, please ask them if they would like any support and if they agree to be contacted regarding this. If you would like to talk to anyone in the service please contact Terrainne direct.

Terrianne Quigley

Young Victim Support Worker

Got Your Back

Remedi (Restorative services)

Mobile: 07895033784




Reminder: Year 11 survey – facilitating access by 28 May 2021


14-19 Team are asking for Year 11 pupils to provide feedback about the ways they access information and prefer to communicate to inform our work with young people. Their feedback is captured through the below survey. A huge thank you to all schools who have already facilitated young people being given time to access and complete the survey in school, I do really appreciate the demands of this time of year so know how valuable your support is.

The deadline is 28 May so we’d appreciate any further support you can offer.

Please note: the survey asks young people to provide an email address, then a link is sent to that email account asking them to verify they are genuine. Their feedback only counts in the published results if they verify their answers in this way. The email address is only used for this purpose, it won’t be shared with the 14-19 Team unless the young person specifically gives permission.

The survey can be accessed at:





Daresbury Talking Science Family Show


Science of Dragons Show’ (PDF attached)

Speaker: Sue McGrath aka Scientific Sue!

Age: 5+ (with parental supervision, but children, parents, guardians, grandparents all welcome!)  

Abstract: Join Scientific Sue on this most historical and creative journey of scientific discovery. This show is interactive, therefore after registering we will send you a list of objects and ingredients should you wish to play along. And the Vikings are partying, so why not dress up as a Viking or dragon and join in with the celebration! Her fire and icy fog breathing dragons are celebrating the hatching of their latest baby, there is just one problem this little dragon can’t fly yet.

Scientific Sue will investigate and explore the science of how dragons fly and, using some of the science behind the different dragon fire types (steam, icy fog, explosive gases, flammable liquids and of course big flames and tornado type fire!) plus dragon’s disgusting digestion processes, she hopes to engineer a way which will allow the baby dragon to fly and join in with the celebrations!

Copy the following link to download the instructions and template which will allow you to train your own dragon with scientific Sue:

*Inspiration from the stories by Cressida Cowell on ‘How to Train your Dragon’

Curriculum Links: Science, Engineering plus Literacy and Storytelling

The science: Chemical reactions, combustion, states of matter, flight, buoyancy, forces, energy, digestion, tests for oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen

We looking forward to your schools joining us!



Funding Bulletins GDPR Update


Dear Colleague, I am writing to you as we are updating our Funding Bulletins mailing lists to ensure we comply with GDPR regulations.

  • If you are still happy to receive them please email back saying something like ‘I am happy for you to keep my data and continue to send bulletins and other correspondence through.’
  • If wish to cancel please email back saying something like ‘I wish to cancel and for my data to be removed from your system’ and I will remove your data from our system.
  • If the email come back as rejected or doesn’t exist or I don’t hear back from the deadline below then I will  be removing the data from our system and bulletins it after the deadline passes.

The deadline for replies is the 31 May 2021.

I will send out another reminder just before the deadline so you may receive this email again but please ignore if you have already replied.

Jonathan Patten




Halton Library service


Halton Library Service Let’s Go Green Festival  see attached for more information




School Recruitment Update – May 2021


Please find attached information school recruitment update.






Holiday Activity Fund Application extension



Due to the low number of HAF applicants we have decided to extend the deadline for applications to the 24 May 9am. We are asking those that are considering applying to contact to let us know of their intension to submit a late application and to give them the opportunity to ask any questions if they are still considering applying. If they wish to discuss over the phone please call Chloe Appleton on 07803518146

Further information on the holiday activity fund can be found here Holiday Activity Fund 2021 – Edsential