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  • Energy Supplies

  • #HaltonReads Festival – 16th – 27th November 2020

  • Half Term Family Science show

  • Time to Shine Covid Resilience Programme

  • COVID-19 Funds

  • Religious Education Resources and contacts

  • Leadership ONLINE CPD opportunities

  • Half Term Family Activity – A dazzling space session.



Energy Supplies


Applies to those schools who have their electricity and gas supplied via British Gas and Corona respectively via the HBC Corporate contract.

Earlier in the year we included a couple of items on the school circular regarding the change of energy suppliers, both electricity and gas, and the need to ensure there was no outstanding debt on your accounts otherwise this would cause problems switching to the new suppliers.

From April 1st 2020 all gas supplies that were with Corona should have transferred to Total Gas and Power (TGP) as a result of a new framework agreement by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). The transfer happens automatically providing there is no outstanding debt with Corona. We are aware there has been some delay as some schools haven’t been transferred as yet, these transfers should take place in due course however. Any school who has outstanding debt with Corona as a result of unresolved issues may find Corona object to the transfer and may be put on Corona deemed rates which may be much higher than the previous CCS Framework contract rates as such it is extremely important that any outstanding issues are resolved as a matter of urgency.

From April 1st 2021 all electricity supplies that are currently with British Gas will transfer to EDF as a result of a new framework agreement awarded by Crown Commercial Service (CCS). The transfer will happen automatically providing that there is no outstanding debt with British Gas.

We are aware there are still outstanding issues at a number of schools and unless these are fully resolved by the transfer date British Gas will object to the transfer and the supply may not be on the CCS Framework contract rates, but on British Gas deemed rates which may be much higher, thus your bills will increase. It is extremely important therefore that any unresolved outstanding debt issues are resolved with British Gas.

If you have any queries with regards the above please contact the Property Services helpdesk on 0151 511 8777 to discuss





#HaltonReads Festival – 16th – 27th November 2020


Hi All

I’m really excited to share with you the details of the #HaltonReads Festival. 16th – 27th November 2020.

We want to share the love of reading across Halton, especially encouraging children who have maybe let their reading drop during lock down. The main activities are as follows:

  • We will be hosting author sessions each day on YouTube, we have sessions suitable for pre-school to KS3.
  • We’re aiming for a reading minute count for the borough of half a million minutes
  • We want to get #HaltonReads trending on twitter.

Part of the grant we have received from Arts Council England will be used to subsidise book sales so that as many children as possible can afford to buy a book.

To give us an idea of interest it would be great if you could let me know if your school is going to join us for any of the activities.

I’ve attached the information sheet, the author leaflet and our library joining form. If you want more details please feel free to contact me


Development Officer (Children and Families)

Halton Libraries

0151 511 8323




Half Term Family Science show


FAO Headteacher and Science Coordinators

Please see details below for family fun science show activities for the half term run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, based at Daresbury Laboratories.

The event is free, however it is bookable using the following link:

The Daresbury laboratory Facebook account is a good way to access the event as detailed here:





Time to Shine Covid Resilience Programme


Covid opportunity – Time to Shine Covid Resilience Programme, click on attached


COVID-19 Funds


please find attached list of the latest covid-19 funds. If you need help applying please give us a call on 0151 511 7214 or email





Religious Education Resources and contacts


FAO: Religious Education Leaders, Teachers of Religious Education

We have taken the decision not to host a Halton and Warrington RE network meeting in the autumn term. Rather we have decided to share with you RE resources and online community suggestions to support the teaching and learning of RE in your school.

see attached for more information





Leadership ONLINE CPD opportunities


Dear Colleagues

The North West Learning Partnership would like to offer all schools the chance to attend the following Leadership sessions; all sessions are now ONLINE.

  • Dyslexia Awareness and Intervention Package- Head teacher and SLT briefing session: Friday 16th October; 9.30-11.30.
  • SENDCO and staff working with dyslexic tendencies follow up training session- full day. Friday 13th November.
    For further information about the focus of each session please see the brochure attached.

Online sessions will be delivered on the dates stipulated in the brochure. Timings will be altered slightly and will run: 9.30-11.30 and then continue 1-3

All materials will be sent out after the event to delegates that register and attend the zoom meeting.

Once registered with Paula Foster- ‘zoom’ invites will be sent to the contact on the booking.

Please note Paula Foster does not work Friday’s.

Please copy Sarah Makin- into the booking if requesting a reply before Monday.

please see attached for more information

Many thanks in advance. We look forward to seeing you ‘virtually’ over the next few weeks.

Lisa Bradshaw

Director of North West Learning Partnership and NW Maths Hub 3

Director of School Improvement Three Saints Academy Trust






Half Term Family Activity – A dazzling space session.


Join Halton Libraries and the wonderful people from Daresbury Labs on Friday 30th October 12-1pm for a dazzling space session.  There will be quizzes, a Stellarium star show looking at different constellations and fun with telescopes.  We will look at the night sky, what we can see in the sky in Halton and examine the constellations of Orion, Big Bear and more.  There will also be an opportunity to ask our experts your questions.  We’ll be blasting off from  Don’t miss this excellent event.