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Recovery Premium Funding





Deputy & AHT Newsletter


Please see attached September 2021 D & AHT Newsletter




Communication Hub


Halton’s vision is for every child in Halton to be given the best start in life so that they are happy, healthy and able to reach their full communication potential. We would like all children to be;


Halton’s Communication Pathway and Halton’s online Communication Hub provides guidance and information to support children and young people on their language journey from 0-19 years. The Communication Hub provides a wealth of language and communication information and resources which can be easily accessed by parents/carers and professionals by searching ‘Talk Halton Communication Hub’. The Communication Hub provides valuable information on communication concerns, information about services to support and help children’s communication, and information on courses and training available to support speech, language and communication. It also provides information on stages of language and communication skill development throughout the ages. If you would like any more information please see attached also you can  contact;





Family Learning


Halton Family Learning has a range of workshops, two week and 5 week programmes to help support parents to support their children across both Key Stage 1 & 2. We have a variety of sessions linking to Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Online Safety, Maths and supporting families around Mental Health.

I’ve included the link to our Family Learning Prospectus but if schools are interested and haven’t already booked in they can contact myself Steph Bartlett  to look at the provision they would like and in which term across the academic year.






Behaviour Bitesize & Youth MHFA


Every half term HBSS will send you a 10 minute presentation that you can use with your staff about a specific area of behaviour management. These link to training packages that can be provided free of charge. Please use the resources with your team to start a discussion about the half-termly focus. All Behaviour Bitesize presentations can be found on HBSS section of the Local Offer here We will also send you Pastoral Bitesize poster that can be attached to your newsletter for parents.

Please find the first Behaviour Bitesize presentation for each phase

Primary Behaviour Management Toolkit attached

Secondary Consistent setting of Expectations attached


Following on from the successful roll out of Youth MHFA, HBSS continue to offer Youth MHFA both online and in-person and are now offering Adult MHFA for senior leaders in school to be able to support the wellbeing of staff and parents. All information and booking forms can be found on the HBSS section of the Local Offer here .

HBSS continue to offer this training at rates vastly below the recommended price of the course and undertake this as a non-profit making package to support the wellbeing needs of your community. We can also offer it to pupils over 16.

Dates are as follows

Dates Staff
7 Oct /14 Oct / 21 Oct /4 Nov 2-4.30pm VN
11 Jan/18 Jan/25 Jan/1 Feb 2-4.30pm MB
22 June/ 29 June / 6 July/ 13 July 2-4.30pm KB
7 /14 December 9am-4.30pm MB
28 Feb/1 March 9am-4.30pm MB


Dates Staff
25 Nov /2 Dec/ 9 Dec/ 16 Dec 10am-12.30pm VN
3 /10 /17 /24 May 2022 10am – 12.30pm KB
8 / 15 December 9am-4.30pm VN
2 / 3 March 9am-4.30pm KB


Please contact us of you would like more information. or






Let me tell you a story


Halton Libraries have been working with older people in the community to discover some amazing stories from the past.

Inspired by novels in the Class and Society section of the BBC list of “100 Books that Shaped the World”, particularly Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, they told interesting stories from their pasts, stories that illustrate the changes in society from then to now.

The tales include a man who joined a song and dance troupe and played the London Palladium and a woman who remembers sheltering from the bombs during the war.

Halton Libraries commissioned local artist, Millie Chesters, to interpret the stories through illustrations and local writers to write poems on some of the conversations, on how life and society has changed since they were young.

The result is an online exhibition, featuring the art, writing, participants’ voices and local photos.

It is available through the Libraries’ website

We are now happy to be bringing the exhibition to the library. It will be on display at all our libraries in the autumn, starting with Widnes Libraries from 14 September.





Support for RE teachers in teaching about the Holocaust


As teachers and students return to school for the new academic year, we are writing to ask you to share, with RE teachers in your SACRE area, details of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s educational programmes for primary and secondary school teachers and trainees. Details of these programmes can be found at

The Holocaust and the RE curriculum

Teaching about aspects of the Holocaust in RE lessons can help students explore:

  • The connections between beliefs – both religious and secular – and actions.
  • Moral dilemmas and choices, and the factors which can influence them.
  • Responses to ‘fundamental’ questions such as the nature and causes of suffering and ‘evil’, and – ultimately – what it means to be human.
  • The interaction, and sometimes conflict, between different faiths and/or belief systems.
  • Individual and collective identity.


It can also support students in practising essential skills:

  • Understanding and scrutiny of the beliefs of others.
  • Critical investigation of contrasting viewpoints, with an ability to reach reasoned judgements, and a willingness to challenge preconceptions.
  • Interpretation of a range of sources to be able to reach and justify independent opinions.
  • Effective communication of emotions and opinions.
  • Reflection on the nature and meaning of morality and on the importance of moral choices.


Teacher Training 

The Holocaust Educational Trust offers free training for teachers at all stages of their careers. Details of our teacher training programme can be found at:

RE teachers from your area are invited to register for any of our upcoming online seminars and virtual teacher study visits, or to register their interest in our 2021-22 residential courses. These include our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course, our Teacher Study Visit to Vienna, and our Annual Teacher Training Course at Yad Vashem.

To register interest in a session or course, or to book a bespoke teacher training workshop, colleagues should email

Teaching Programmes

We provide free and downloadable teaching resources, which can be found at and include resources for primary, secondary and post-16 students.

Details of our outreach programme, through which teachers can arrange for a Holocaust survivor to share their testimony with their students, can be found at Further information about our educational programmes for teachers can be found on the attached flyer.

If you or your colleagues have any questions about our work, please email us at


Healthy School News – September 2021

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