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  • New Regulations


    A quick guide for parents/carers

  • Safeguarding update

  • Newly Qualified Teacher registration September 2020

  • NW3 Maths Hub Newsletter




Across Halton, Merseyside and Warrington new regulations will enforce the following

restrictions from Tuesday 22 September.

Read more about the restrictions in place here.




A quick guide for parents/carers


Applies to-All schools

Click on attached for information about Coronvirus School absence guide for parents and carers.



Safeguarding Update – Policy, Training Materials and Course Dates


Applies to-All schools

Thank you so much to everyone who has completed and returned the questionnaire I sent out to you all with my last email. The responses have been incredibly useful and given me a great snapshot into the current situation. If you have not yet had a chance to complete it, if you wouldn’t mind getting these back to me by the end of the week, it would be a huge help. Thank you. I will continue to provide updates via the e-bulletin, but will also send updates to DSL’s once I have up to date contacts for all schools.


Click here to access another copy of the safeguarding questionnaire.



Model Policy and Levels 1 & 2 Training Materials


Applies to-All schools


As mentioned in last week’s intro email, I have been busy updating the model policy and training materials and the good news is, they are ready! Please find attached to this communication the updated model policy and the new Levels 1 & 2 training materials for you to use, if you wish, with your staff, governors and volunteers in school. As you will be aware, it is best practice for everyone working in schools to receive annual safeguarding training, with additional relevant CPD throughout the year. To support you with this, I will be sending out regular items which you can use, if you wish, with your teams in school to enable you to meet these expectations. Also included with the training materials is an updated participant handbook and a KCSIE quiz, which can be used to demonstrate that staff have not only read, but also understand the document.


The policy has also been updated to reflect the changes within iCART and the use of the Multi agency assessment toolkit and the move from CAFs to MAP’s with ECLIPSE, for example. Just a gentle reminder, please remember to amend and adapt the policy to meet the requirements of your school and check that you have removed any yellow colouring before publishing on your website.


Click here to view the updated model policy

Click here to access the updated Levels 1 and 2 Safeguarding Awareness Training

Levels 1 and 2 Safeguarding Training Participant Handbook

Click here to access KCSIE Part 1 Quiz



DSL Level 3 Training, Safer Recruitment and Nominated Governor


Applies to-All schools

I am aware that a number of schools require training in Level 3 Safeguarding (Working Together), Safer Recruitment Training. I assure you, this is my main priority over the coming weeks. I am busy preparing training materials to be able to deliver these courses and am due to be completing my ‘train the trainer’ accreditation shortly. I therefore hope to provide you with a full training schedule in next week’s bulletin, along with details of how to book a place. In the meantime, due to the urgency for some of this training, here are the proposed dates for the initial courses (which will be delivered remotely) so that you can block the time out in your diary, if needed:

Level 3 Safeguarding for new DSLs: 12th October 2020 and 13th October 2020 (1 day course)

Level 3 Safeguarding Refresher for DSLs: 14th October 2020 and 15th October (1 day course)

Safer Recruitment: 19th October 2020 and 20th October (1 day course)


Quality Assurance of training providers.


Applies to-All schools

From the questionnaires I have received back so far, I can see that as well as DSLs delivering their own training to teams in schools, a number of different external training providers are being used. In order to ensure that this training is to a high standard and relevant to Halton, I am going to be introducing a Quality Assurance Framework. This will include checking insurances, the training materials being used and that they have completed their own ‘train the trainer’ accreditation. I am already engaging with training providers, but please be mindful that prior to going onto our approved QA framework, external providers are not endorsed by HBC.

Thank you and please do get in touch if I can help with anything in the meantime.

Benjamin Holmes






Newly Qualified Teacher registration September 2020


FAO Headteachers and NQT mentors


Dear Colleagues, if you have a NQT starting in your school this term who has yet to be registered, please complete the attached registration form and return it to as soon as possible so that additional support and guidance materials can be sent to you this term.


Please note that there is now a specific email account for NQT induction. We would ask that this is used for all NQT correspondence in the future.

Click here to view registration form




NW3 Maths Hub Newsletter


Applies to-All schools


Please see attached the Maths Hub NW 3 autumn term newsletter.