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Strategic Director’s Report to Governors

CreatED Mental Health Masterclasses

Cultivate Youth Forum

Bleed Kits for schools





Strategic Director’s Report to Governors


Dear Colleagues

Please find the attached supplementary item for the Autumn Term 2020 Strategic Director’s Report to Governors.

Please could you share with your Chair of Governors and ask for it to be circulated to all governing board members?





CreatED Mental Health Masterclasses


Dear Colleagues

The North West Learning Partnership in Partership with Leeds Beckett University Carnegie School of Education and Minds Ahead will be offering ALL schools across the NW to attend the following

Mental Health Master Classes:

Briefing & Developing my Staff on Mental Health

Friday 15th Jan 2021 at 10-12 noon

This masterclass will enable the mental health lead to design and run a mental health briefing or short training session for their staff. Delegates will leave with clear development aims and a plan as well as sample resources that they can draw on to run meet these aims. As all schools are at different starting points, delegates will design a workshop relevant to their school.

Delivery Model: Workbook, live online forum and certification

Embedding Mental Health in the Curriculum

Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021 at 1-3pm

This masterclass will enable senior leaders to prepare for the new 2021 curriculum and develop good practice when it comes to ensuring mental health across the school curriculum. Delegates will leave with an understanding of the main requirements around the mental health curriculum and steps that they can take to embed these across their school.

Delivery Model: Workbook, live online forum and certification

Engaging Parents where their Children have a Mental Health Challenge

Friday 19th March at 10-12 noon

This masterclass will enable colleagues to build stronger rapport and more effective communication with the parents of their more vulnerable students. Delegates will have a deeper understanding of the parents’ perspectives and different ways of working with these parents that can foster stronger school parent relationships. N.B. this will not address issues of adult / parental mental ill-health.

Delivery Model: Workbook, live online forum and certification

Strengthening Staff Mental Health

Monday 1st Feb at 10-12 noon

This masterclass will enable senior leaders to put effective staff support strategies in place across their school or setting. Delegates will have a clear understanding of the main risks around staff mental health and the steps that can be taken to address these. N.B. this workshop will look at supporting mental health and preventing mental ill-health, not at providing treatments or interventions for adult mental ill-health.

Delivery Model: Workbook, live online forum and certification

All sessions will be live webinar events (ONLINE) lasting approximately 2 hours.

Cost: £75 per session, this includes planning, preparation, delivery, all materials, and certification.

NWLP members will also receive 25% discount.

Once registered with Paula Foster- ‘zoom’ invites will be sent to the contact on the booking.

Please note Paula Foster does not work Friday’s.

Please copy Sarah Makin- into the booking if requesting a reply before Monday.



Cultivate Youth Forum


What is the Cultivate Youth Forum?
The youth forum will help to support the design and delivery of cultural activities in the Halton Borough. Sessions will be youth-led, and will focus around exploring the idea of culture and how it is represented across Halton, as well as working to design and develop ways of engaging young people with culture in the borough. We are looking to recruit 12 young people aged 10-15 to come together weekly throughout December & January. We hope for this to be in person, but we have a digital back up plan. We have funding to reimburse some travel expenses. For more information, contact Hannah at

Make Your Mark This is a reminder that the UK Make your Mark voting is happening this month; Voting will close at the end of the month (30th November) so we are encouraging schools to get involved soon to ensure your votes are included. This year due to COVID the ballots will all be done electronically, and taking part in Make Your Mark is quick and easy. Young people are asked to select one topic from the ballot paper by logging onto the website – if you are unable to facilitate this during school time, then we would ask that you circulate this information to parents either through email or your parent app (if applicable). Schools can receive extra information on how to get involved in the voting, as well as opportunities for free democracy sessions for your students, by contacting Hannah at

Bleed Kits for Schools

Two local Widnes residents have been fundraising to buy bleed kits and provide training.

They would like to get the packs into Widnes schools and have already provided them for three Widnes schools.

You can get in touch and apply for a kit via the Knifesavers Bleed Control Kits for Widnes Facebook Page.

Click here to view their post on on Facebook, alternatively you can click here to view a screenshot.